About Us

At wokshop we prioritize the FRESHNESS and QUALITY of our ingredients. By NURTURING our relationships with the farmers and ranchers, artisans and foragers that supply our kitchen. We lead with PURPOSE and RESPECT, a return to the original FAMILY-STYLE cuisine. This is Chinese food with a CONCIENCE, and with an APPRECIATION for HEALTHFUL ingredients and CLEAN and SIMPLE preparations. We HONOR our cuisine as the original FARM-TO-TABLE “comfort food” with true, unwavering ACCOUNTABILITY for our place at your FAMILY table, and your place at ours.

Our Vision

Xi’an WokShop is a new fast-casual Chinese take-out and delivery concept focused on elevating the quality and overall dining experience of Chinese “Take-Out.” Too long have Chinese restaurants, both “Mom & Pop” establishments and corporate mega chains, driven down the standards and expectations on the in-home Chinese dining experience. No longer shall our beautiful, simple, fresh, cuisine hide behind nameless paper food boxes and styrofoam soup cups. The Chinese take-out and delivery businesses, account for over 40%-50% of all Chinese dining experiences in the Greater Los Angeles Area. What this means is that our clients are opening their homes and their family tables once if not twice every week to what we believe to be comfort food. Let’s take responsibility for this reputation – let’s accept accountability for putting food on the family table and in our families’ mouths.
Chinese food IS a comfort food -- we crave it’s bold, pungent flavors and it’s fresh contrasting textures and temperatures. But what has become of the beautiful, simple, fresh, cuisine, that our trusting clientele desires and deserves?
Wokshop is COMMITED to making food that is first delicious, but at no sacrifice to the healthful lifestyle our fellow Angelenos so clearly desire and derserve.